Jennifer Love Hewitt trailer filming smile

...but we all know that underneath the baggy sweater and boyfriend jeans lies an exquisite size 2 physique!

Jennifer Love Hewitt was snapped on the set of her latest project, The Client List, and based on what she was wearing, it doesn't appear as though she was ready to film a sex scene. J. Love plays a mom who ends up taking her job as a masseuse in a whole different direction when she begins offering sexual services to her customers, and the 33-year-old actress has received some bad press for her new gig.

Jennifer said of the criticism, "I feel badly that they feel offended, but I respect that people need to say what they need to say. I tried to make a joke on Twitter that I wondered why people were not writing to Dexter about killing people, or to Nurse Jackie about taking drugs on the job. Those are big, big television characters audiences love and adore so if there can be a serial killer we all like, I feel like a happy-endings specialist is the least of our worries." She's got a point!

Click after the jump to see one of J. Love's sexy promo shots for the new show...