Brittny Gastineau is showing off her sexy body in the pages of Esquire Latin America.

The former reality show star-turned-jewelry designer was at one time BFFs with Kim Kardashian, but since Kim's divorce, a source close to Ms. Gastineau tells us the two ladies are no longer on speaking terms.

What gives? Immediately after Kim split with Kris, Britt told us, "Kim will be fine. Everyone just needs to back off and let them enjoy their time together as newlyweds. Magazines are always looking for drama. That's how they sell magazines."

Sounds like she had Kim's back to us! Gastineau, who is the creator of Tres Glam jewelry, is currently the girlfriend of Latin superstar Luis Miguel ... Mariah Carey's ex.

After seeing these provocative pics of Brittny, it's no wonder Luis is singing her praises!