Lindsay Lohan community service sunglasses

Lindsay Lohan was snapped leaving the Los Angeles County Morgue today, and not only is the 25-year-old starlet totally in compliance with her court-mandated community service, but she's doing it with a smile on her face!

While we have a feeling Judge Stephanie Sautner would be pleased to see this, Lilo recently encountered some drama over an alleged hit and run at a Hollywood nightclub, but it sounds like this shouldn't affect her probation status. According to the LA Times, the Los Angeles Police Department is "unlikely to take action against [Lohan]", and no reports have been filed at this point in time.

Lindsay has until March 29 to finish up her community service and therapy sessions, at which point she will appear in front of the judge for yet another progress report hearing. If everything is completed by the end of the month, her probation will be downgraded to summary probation, which no longer requires her to meet with a probation officer.