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Lindsay Lohan tasting kitchen venice smoking cigarette
Lindsay Lohan tasting kitchen venice smoking cigarette

Is there a new guy in Lindsay's life?

Showing off her stunning red 'do, La Lohan looked effortlessly chic in a pair of skintight leather pants, a white tee, Chanel tweed jacket and nude pumps while enjoying smoke outside of the Tasting Kitchen in Venice, on Thursday evening -- but who's the hottie?

The Mean Girls star appeared to be getting quite cozy with an unknown mystery man while dining in the trendy eatery, leaving his side only once to sneak a cig.

Lilo has had an extremely tumultuous week after being involved in an alleged hit-and-run while leaving The Sayers Club in Hollywood, on Wednesday night, but the actress insists it was just a "lie."

Wherever Lindsay goes, drama is sure to follow!