Angelina Jolie is reportedly so upset with her stylist for picking out an Oscars dress that forced her to strike an exaggerated pose on the red carpet, she's thinking of firing her! Angelina's black velvet Atelier Versace gown became the subject of numerous jokes (during AND after this year's Academy Awards), and apparently she's still fuming over the bad feedback.

"Angelina is horrified at the reaction her Oscars dress received. She pays her stylist Jen a lot of money to pick things that will make her look drop-dead gorgeous, but she felt the dress swallowed her up and she had to stick her leg, or it looked like she was wearing a bin bag," a source told British magazine Closer. "Now she's being laughed at when she's worked so hard on her look. She feels like a joke and is worried her reputation may have taken a hit."

According to the mag, Angelina was so embarrassed with the gown, she even opted out of the Oscar after parties. "Angie briefly went to George Clooney's post Academy Awards dinner but left early on as she was still upset," the source said. "She bitterly regrets wearing the dress and is just hoping the next time she's on the red carpet, she makes headlines for the right reasons."

In other Angelina news, it's being reported that she has passed on a Salt sequel, as she is not happy with the "current incarnation" of the project. "Jolie's just finished reading Kurt Wimmer's script for a potential sequel to her 2010 hit but didn't go for it," a source tells Moviehole. "Columbia Pictures have had Wimmer go back to the drawing board to see if he can come up with something that'll work for Jolie."