Matsuhisa  Samantha Ronson leather scarf jeans
Matsuhisa  Samantha Ronson leather scarf jeans

Looks like Samantha Ronson has a new lady friend -- and if she's letting her drive the Porsche, it must be serious!

Lindsay Lohan’s ex-girlfriend was in great spirits as she escorted her new gal pal to dinner at Matsuhisa restaurant in Beverly Hills, on Thursday night,

The celebrity DJ has just released a new album, Chasing the Reds, and in a rare interview she opens up about a tumultuous relationship that left her feeling like a "hostage."

“When I first started making the record two years ago, my life was so public,” Ronson confessed. “I didn’t want to make a record where people would say, ‘This song is about that.’ But I think there’s also a way to keep things specific and private without losing a connection with the listener.”

Later that night, Saman hopped a ride to Chateau Marmont with pal Joel Madden. Party On!