It's a shame Carrie's fabulous designer wardrobe isn't included, but there is plenty of closet space!

One of Manhattan's most famous homes, 64 Perry Street was the setting for Carrie Bradshaw's fabulous adventures in Sex and the City for the first three seasons, and now it could be yours -- for just $9.65 million.

Referred to as the "Bradshaw Brownstone" this 4,100-square-foot four-storey townhouse was built in 1866 and boasts ten rooms, six fireplaces, ornate ceilings, gold detailing, light fittings and parque floors - a far cry from the studio that Carrie called home!

The home was last sold in November for $9 million, but after doing some major renovating, the owner has decided to re-list the house for a profit.

In 2008, a board of community residents won a campaign to stop Sex and the City tour buses from stopping at the home's front door -- but it still attracts hundreds Carrie fans daily!