Sarah Jessica Parker nyc twins sex and the city New York life is a tad different for Sarah Jessica Parker than it was for Carrie Bradshaw!

The Sex and the City star proved she's a hands-on mama as she strolled through the streets of NYC with her twin daughters, Marion and Tabitha. SJP is so busy with her kiddos, though, that it seems she has forgotten about fashion!

The 47-year-old actress wore grey pants and a matching beanie, furry boots, and long winter coat, and all we have to say is... we miss the Manolos!

That's not a look meant for Manhattan, but from the sounds of it the happy family might be moving to Brooklyn!

The celebrity couple reportedly has their sights set on two townhomes in Brooklyn Heights that they hope to combine into one massive family mansion.

Now we know where all those movie paychecks are going!