Avril Lavigne singer launch Abbey Dawn JustFabulous viper room Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen attended the JustFabulous launch of Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne at the Viper Room on Tuesday night, and despite the heavy makeup and goth/biker-inspired attire, the former Gossip Girl starlet was in a great mood! Sigh ... whatever happened to Little J?

Avril performed a few songs at the bash, and later she tweeted, "Thanks also to @CoryMonteith for coming to the show tonight and supporting. ;) my Canadian Boi!!!!!! Rock it. And thanks to @officialkimora she was super DOPE and rocking my Abbey Dawn shoes :) and thanks to @LA_Reid for coming also xoxoxo."

While Avril is notorious for her naughty antics with photographers, it looks like she's on her best behavior these days. Funny how that coincides with her promoting something...


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