alec-baldwin-stalker-arrest.JPGBut not just any stalker -- this is a woman who reportedly met Alec Baldwin on the set of The Adventures of Pluto Nash back in 2002!

Genevieve Sabourin, a 40-year-old Canadian actress, was arrested outside of the actor's Manhattan apartment last night after approaching the doorman and asking to be be buzzed in. This is the third time she's attempted to meet up with Baldwin in the past two weeks; according to the NY Post, Sabourin allegedly went to Baldwin's home in the Hamptons last week and also followed him to an event at the Lincoln Center a few days after that. It's also being reported that she has sent the newly engaged 30 Rock star an excessive amount of e-mails and texts asking for money and telling him she wants to have his baby. Typical.

Cops arrested Sabourin at Baldwin's NYC building for aggravated harassment and stalking around 7:45pm, and the actor's rep released the following statement: "As you know, stalking is a serious issue, so we've turned this matter over to the New York Police Department."