Leave it up to a Victoria's Secret supermodel to pose nude at eight-months pregnant and still look better than most women ever will!

Alessandra Ambrosio stripped down for a new ad campaign for Brazilian jewelry line Vivara, and we have to admit it's a little hard to focus on the baubles with that baby bump on display!

The 31-year-old beauty is already mother to a daughter, Anya, and is expecting a baby boy with fiance Jamie Mazur next month. "A nude photoshoot was good, because pregnancy makes me much more confident. I'm proud of my body for generating a life," the catwalker explained while promoting the jewelry line.

She hasn't even given birth yet, but already she is thinking about her comeback! She has given her booker and agent the thumbs up to contract her for jobs, and she's confident that she will get her body back in no time.

Must be nice to have a super human bod!