cameron-diaz-harpers-uk-0612-2.jpgTom Munro/Harper's Bazaar

cameron-diaz-harpers-uk-cover-230.jpgCameron Diaz covers the June issue of Harper's Bazaar UK, and the 39-year-old actress chats about her famous friends and her love for the city (and the men!) of London.

Cameron and the reporter spent three hours together at Gemma, a restaurant next to the Bowery Hotel in NYC, and the mag says the ladies drank a bottle of wine before, during and after their interview. Party on!

On her relationship with fellow actress Gwyneth Paltrow, Cam says, "We became very close after my dad’s death. She reached out and it was very sweet. We bonded on that." When asked about her Gambit co-star Colin Firth, she gushes, "He’s the perfect Englishman. Just enough of the self-effacing to a point that it’s comfortable for other people, but also totally charming and engaging to where he makes you feel special. He’s got that British honesty.”

And speaking of British men, Cam says, “I love their sense of humor and the sense of chivalry and charm. It’s something that is innately a part of the culture – we don’t have that over here, it’s not the same in America." Think Cam will go for a British beau next? She's not exactly attached to anyone at the moment!