Chevy Chase community hat glasses chateau marmont

Chevy Chase was spotted waiting at the valet at the Chateau Marmont last night, and the comedian was in good spirits when we caught up with him. Aww, is this guy really capable of going on a Mel Gibson-esque rant to one of his bosses on Community? Apparently he is, but only after the aforementioned showrunner reportedly insulted Chase in front of his co-workers and family at the show's wrap party.

In a voicemail posted online earlier this week, Chase is heard ripping Community creator Dan Harmon a new one for not giving him good material on the sitcom, calling Harmon's skills "an abomination," sniping that his writing "is getting worse and worse." When asked about Harmon's remark that Chase was drunk when he left the message, Chase told X17 videographers, "That bastard! He did?"

So what about the comments that Harmon is "not funny"? Check out the video below to see what he had to say!