article-2135353-demi1460.jpg She might not want to be @mrskutcher anymore, but she still loves Twitter!

Demi Moore has had a rough couple months following her breakup with hubby Ashton Kutcher and a stint in rehab, but the 49-year-old actress has gotten through it all with the help of trusted friends, and now she's shouting her appreciation from the rooftops... er, the internet.

The G.I Jane actress made her red carpet debut last week with close friend Amanda Decadenet for the launch of their new show, The Conversation, and after a fan complimented them on their sisterly bond, the brunette beauty took to the microblogging site to show her bestie some love!

The fan tweeted: "@mrskutcher @amandadecadenet I love your friendship and I think this is beautiful and so special. U really inspire me," to which the Margin Call star responded with a simple "TY" (thank you) and the above pic. Aww!

Who needs unfaithful men when they've got the world's best gal pals!