Eddie Cibrian went all out for his one year anniversary to LeAnn Rimes!

The country singer showed off a brand new (huge!) rock surrounded by diamonds via Twitter on Sunday, which she shared via Twitter with the caption: "I have a very thoughtful husband with GREAT taste!!!!"

Rimes also reveled what she gave lucky Eddie as an anniversary gift earlier this week, exclaiming: "I gave Eddie his anniversary gift early. I can never wait! He was so cute. He loved it so much, he wore it to bed. For you dirty minds, it was a watch. :) I just thought that was super cute. All boys, no matter what age love their toys a lot."

LeAnn's step kids, Mason, 7, and Jake, 4, also got in on the celebration by gifting their "bonus mom" a sweet surprise. Rimes shared a pic of the present, with the caption: "Angels gave me a gift…so pretty! What a great day already!"