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jeans sunglasses Emma Roberts polka dots shorts sneakers
jeans sunglasses Emma Roberts polka dots shorts sneakers no bra padded bra

Careful Emma, those things might melt!

While stepping out for a lunch date with a girlfriend in Beverly Hills on Thursday afternoon, Miss Roberts sported a noticeably flatter chest, and we know the reason why!

The Valentine's Day actress ditched her chicken cutlet chest enhancements in the back seat of her car, but she should have put them in her purse, because they were laying out in full display for everyone to see. How embarrassing!

As the niece of Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts, you'd think she'd remember to conceal her fake assets, but the 21-year-old must still be recovering from her fun-filled trip to Coachella last weekend.

Lets hope her new beau Chord Overstreet doesn't see this!