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Ashton Kutcher hat pedicure feet Ashton Kutcher hat denim beard two and half men whole foods demi moore divorce

We snapped Ashton Kutcher leaving the Pampered Foot Spa in Studio City Sunday -- perhaps the stress of his divorce from Demi Moore is going to his feet?!

The actor left the foot spa in a pair of flip flips, and later we caught him at Whole Foods with a buddy.

While we're not sure how Demi feels about Ashton dating other ladies, he's definitely got a fan in Two And A Half Men co-star Courtney Thorne-Smith. The actress recently gushed to The Chicago Sun-Times about Charlie Sheen's replacement, but she was also very careful to praise Sheen as well. "Ashton is such a great fit. He has a different energy," she told the paper. "I think Charlie is wonderful and still beloved. No one can do what Charlie does, but I love the new mix."