Lindsay Lohan joans on third ali lohan boots shorts car shots hat sunglasses

Lindsay Lohan was recently advised by Judge Stephanie Sautner to focus on her career and stay away from the nightclubs, and while she's had a few late nights here and there (and with Rob Pattinson!), it does seem like she's partying a bit less than usual.

Aside from an upcoming appearance on Glee, the occasional photo shoot and working on her clothing collection, what has our favorite fiery-haired hottie been up to? Oh you know, just taking it easy and enjoying leisurely lunches with her little sister Ali Aliana!

We snapped the ladies leaving Joan's on Third today, and not only were they showing a whole lotta leg, but they were both decked out in angelic white outfits. The ladies each carried a bag of goodies from the eatery, so it looks like someone is getting a sweet surprise later today! Or maybe just leftovers for later :)