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Khloe Kardashian stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week to dish on being this month's Cosmo cover girl, how she feels about hubby Lamar leaving the Dallas Mavericks, Kim and Kanye West's "relationship," and what she really thinks of Kris Humphires!

Khloe confessed of her sexy Cosmo cover:

    "I was so honored to be asked. I said, oh I think you sent this to the wrong sister They were like no, Cosmo wants you. It’s my first US big issue. It’s a big deal for me because I’ve always been ridiculed about my weight. They’re always saying, I’m not the prettiest sister or I’m too fat or that. So when they asked me to be a on a cover like Cosmo, it was a big deal for me to show off my curves and I don’t have to be a size zero to be on the cover."

The Keeping Up star received the bad news about her hubby the day she was jetting to LA for Ellen, and she Tweeted on Monday, "Heading to LA today because I am doing the Ellen show tomorrow. Why do I always have to leave when there is so much to do. I love Dallas."

Kardashian tells Ellen on her hubby leaving the Mavericks:

    "We’re sad that especially with the season almost over and we’re not able to finish the season with the Mavericks. But it’s been such an amazing organization to be part of and to move to Dallas even though it was short, except for those tornados…"

Khloe also confessed that Kim and Kanye West's relationship could be the real deal!

    "Honestly, we’ve known Kanye forever. He’s been a great family friend. I love Kanye. I don’t know what happens with Kim. I think they’re cute together. I’ve said that but honey, I don’t know you got to get her on the show and ask. Why don’t you get them both on the show ask them together. I think that they’re good friends and they’re compatible. I think a friendship is where good relationships stem from…."

And when Ellen asked about Kim K's most recent ex-hubby Kris, Khloe said she likes him as a person, but she did warn her sis against walking down the aisle before hand.

"I just did not like them together," she confessed. "I don’t know why no one else told her that. She got mad at me. I like being honest. You’ll get mad. You’ll get over it. You’re my sister there is nothing you can do. You’re stuck with me."