humphrieskardashian100411_4.jpg These two make Katy and Russell's split look amicable!

The divorce drama continues between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, and this time the New Jersey Nets baller is demanding the the 31-year-old reality star come clean... with the reality of their ill-fated marriage!

The 27-year-old basketball star wants the E! starlet to issue a public apology and admit that their whole relationship was staged for publicity and financial gain. He also wants her to fork over her bank records to debunk Camp Kardashian's claims that they did not profit from the August 2011 televised nuptials.

Proceedings have been stalled ever since Humphries filed for an annulment and refused a reported $7 million offer to finalize the divorce peacefully. The hoopster is angry about KK's attempts to vilify him in the media, and is anxious to be granted his day in court.

We hope Kim has the best legal team money can buy, because this sounds like war!