Miley Cyrus boots pilates see through shirt sunglasses spandex

...and squeezes into a sexy pair of spandex! Ooh la la!

The 19-year-old starlet was snapped leaving Pilates today, and she showed off her sexy bod for photogs camped outside. We know Miley likes her privacy, but when you look this good in your gym clothes, it's almost a crime to not have your picture taken!

Thanks to long-distance running, a gluten-free diet and cutting back on the dairy, Miley has toned up her 5'5" frame, and we have to say, she looks like she could be Victoria's Secret model! Other than LOL and So Undercover (both of which hit the big screen this spring), Miley isn't working on any other movies, so is it possible that she's looking to get into modeling? If she's not, she should be!