Miley Cyrus Winsor Pilates jean leggins tight

Miley Cyrus has been hard at work perfecting her physique with daily sessions at Winsor Pilates in Beverly Hills, but thing's aren't looking so good on the career front these days!

It seems Miley's beau Liam Hemsworth's hit film The Hunger Games is doing so well, Lionsgate has decided to put her upcoming flick LOL's on the back-burner.

The film, costarring Demi Moore as Cyrus' mom, apparently isn't worthy enough to get the proper attention it needs until after The Hunger Games craze has died down.

"They couldn't take care of my movie, and I waited in line," the director recently said, but under contract it must be shown the US in at least 100 theaters. The studio has quietly decided to release LOL in seven cities on May 4, the same day as blockbuster The Avengers, and it will then go straight to DVD.

Better luck next time, Miley!