Nicole Richie gym scarf tights

But a new green drink?

Nicole Richie was snapped leaving the gym yesterday in the same outfit she wore earlier this week, but we did notice that she was gulping down a different green beverage from Pressed Juicery. According to their site, the Chlorophyll Apple Extract drink "helps repair tissue and oxygenates the blood. It has a mild flavor, and we suggest you drink it throughout the day, in between your juices, as added hydration." While you can drink it whenever, it is part of their cleanse system, so we have to wonder if Nicole is on only a liquid-only diet...

The website also notes that this drink "helps neutralize the pollution that we breathe in – a good supplement for smokers," and that it is "also an effective deodorizer to reduce bad breath and body odor." Hmm, that would explain a lot!