MayCover-230.jpgScarlett Johansson covers the new issue of Vogue Magazine, and the 27-year-old actress chats about her role in The Avengers, her painful split from ex-hubby Ryan Reynolds and yes, those infamous naked pictures.

On her split from ex-husband Ryan Reynolds, ScarJo tells the mag, "It was horrible. Of course it’s horrible. It was devastating. It really throws you. You think that your life is going to be one way, and then, for various reasons or whatever, it doesn’t work out. This was something I never thought I would be doing. And there’s no way to navigate it. Nobody can give you the right answer. It’s never anything you want to hear. It’s a very lonely thing. It’s like the loneliest thing you’ll ever do, in some way.”

So is she over him yet? "I don’t feel on the other side of it completely, but it gets better," she says. "It’s still there. More than anything, it’s just that not having your buddy around all the time is weird. There’s no rule book. I think it’s just time." Hmm, we wish she'd make a comment about Ryan's romance with Green Lantern co-star Blake Lively!

When asked about her romance with Sean Penn, ScarJo says, "We spent time together, yeah. I never put a title on it, really, but we were seeing each other ... In my marriage, funnily enough, we had relative privacy, [but my relationship with Sean] was a little bit of an adjustment.” She says she and Penn have remained friends, and she added, “He’s a remarkable person ... He really is.”

Of course, there was also a set of scandalous photos that hit the web last year, but Scarlett has remained as strong as her character in the upcoming Marvel flick. "It wasn’t just me,” ScaJo says of the naked pictures. “It was others. I don’t want to be a victim and say, ‘Oh, well’ and just hide my head in shame. Somebody stole something from me ... It’s sick. I don’t want people like that to slide ... When all those photos came out, of course I go out to dinner and think, Goddamn it, these people have all seen my ... That’s terrible. You know what I mean? You can’t not think that. Even if they haven’t, you’re paranoid."