Vanessa Hudgens friends wildfox Beverly Hills Is there some secret Disney fitness competition going on?! First Miley goes gluten-free and picks up Pilates, and now V-Hud is a workout fiend...

We spotted Vanessa Hudgens in Beverly Hills on Thursday with friends, and the High School Musical starlet looked like she was coming from the gym in spandex, running shoes, and a pink hoodie. Anyone who braves the rain to tone up must be serious about their fitness!

The 23-year-old hottie is filming Spring Breakers, where she spends the majority of her time in skimpy bikinis, so it's no surprise she's looking to get her bod in tip top shape!

These days, the brunette bombshell is happily settled with boyfriend Austin Butler, but tune in to Punk'd this week to watch the Sucker Punch actress and her ex-boyfriend Josh Hutcherson get pranked by Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale.

We wonder if Mr. Butler is going to get jealous?!