ArKTIoiCEAAgTk4.jpg-460.jpg Victoria Beckham wears a lot of hats - wife, mother, fashion designer, singer... Starbucks barista?!

The 38-year-old mom of four is currently in China with her hairdresser and bestie Ken Paves, and the two decided to try their hand at a different career path while grabbing java in Beijing. We never thought we would see the day Posh wore an apron!

The trip wasn't all play and no work, though. VB teamed up with Hong Kong fashion importers Joyce for a mall appearance aimed to promote her brand in Asia. The Victoria Beckham Collection mogul was really brought down to size when she met with the models showing off her fashions! She tweeted the below pic along with the caption, "Am I shrinking?"

Posh recognizes the importance of a good platform, but sometimes even heels aren't enough!