britney-spears-460judges.jpgCourtesy: X Factor

Britney Spears was all smiles sitting next to Simon Cowell at the judges table during the first day of auditions for the new season of X Factor.

Reports swirled yesterday that Spears walked off the set after a contestant "butchered" one of her songs. Brit Tweeted:

    "#Britneywalksoff??? LOL was just taking a little break people. I am having the BEST time!!!"

The four judges, which include the two ladies, Cowell and L.A. Reid, held two rounds of auditions in Austin, Texas.

Lovato Tweeted: "Such an amazing day...can't wait to do it again!!! #XfactorUSA."

In our X17 poll, 52% of our readers said Simon Cowell planned this all along and that Brit probably even rehearsed it! 28% believed Brit had a real meltdown and 19% said the pop star probably overreacted, but it will be fun to watch.

By the looks of the photo below, seems as though all is dandy ... so far.