csmart051412_02_462.jpg Naughty naughty!

We caught Casper Smart chatting away on his cell phone while driving through Hollywood in girlfriend Jennifer Lopez's white Bentley, and we're sure happy he didn't get a ticket for breaking the law!

En route to the American Idol set to meet up with his lady love, the 25-year-old backup dancer seemed to be enjoying the perks of dating a super rich pop culture icon!

But with fame and fortune comes intrigue, something the budding choreographer is learning to cope with. When asked by E! News about having children at the What To Expect When You're Expecting premiere, Mr. Smart coyly said, "I see what you're doing... I'm not playing your game. I for sure want kids in the future. In the future... When I'm ready and when the time is right."

So does his future involve Jenny from the Block?

"It is all rumors right now. We're not married, we're not engaged. We're just enjoying our life right now," he revealed.

Somewhere in the world, Marc Anthony is fuming!