lohan091311_01_X17pic230.jpgDina Lohan is ready to get in front of the cameras with a brand new show called Drama Mamas ... a series in which Lindsay's mom will help navigate future Broadway stars to stardom.

As for the title of the show, Drama Mamas, Dina wasn't too thrilled about it at first. She tells X17 exclusively:

    "The title is more about dramatic arts and not so much about a drama-filled mother. The moms of these talented kids are so skillful. And if anyone knows their way around this business, it's me. I know how to navigate them through the waters."

Dina, who describes the show as "Smash meets High School Musical," also tells us that there's a good possibility her daughters Lindsay and Ali will appear on a few episodes. Michael Lohan's ex adds:

    "I know my daughter will do anything I say to help out. Lindsay loves kids. All my kids love to see the journey as well, and Lindsay talks to kids on the street to encourage them. They're really behind me."

Ms. Lohan isn't a fan of being labeled a "momager." Dina says:

    "I hate the name momager. Too me, it doesn't sound pretty. I was never that person. I was a single mom. Lindsay had to go to my dance classes with me. I pulled Lindsay out of the business after Parent Trap for six years. Drama Mamas is a perfect fit. Where I've come from and where I've taken my kids, no one knows about drama more than me."

'Nuff said. Click thru to read what Dina had to say about Lindsay preparing for her role in Liz and Dick.