Eva Longoria  heels dress david letterman

The series finale of Desperate Housewives airs this Sunday, and Eva Longoria made an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman today to chat about the end of her run on the hit ABC show.

Eva recently revealed on Good Morning America that she "lost it" and couldn't move for two hours filming the final episode. "We just fell apart," she added. "We stayed on that table, because that's where our final scene was, for two hours after we wrapped. And it was surreal."

The 38-year-old actress smiled and waved to photographers outside of the NYC studio, and she tweeted, "In the dressing room at David Letterman! Wearing a gorgeous dress by my great dear friend @victoriabeckham." Geez, from Beyonce to Jennifer Lopez, everyone is wearing Posh's clothes these days!