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Gwen Stefani  thin body no doubt skinny stripes belt

While Gwen Stefani has been slaving away in the recording studio with her band No Doubt, it seems there is suddenly a new career opportunity in her horizon: a resident judge spot on X Factor!

The stylish Mrs. Rossdale has recently been contacted by Simon Cowell to replace Steve Jones as a host on this year’s show, according to the New York Post, and apparently “Stefani is interested.”

Sources estimate her price tag is “between $5 million and $7 million,” which is definitely a better bargain than Britney Spears, who was reportedly asking for a $15 million paycheck to appear as a judge on the show.

While she's made multiple appearance on American Idol, should Gwen consider trading up to become a full-time judge on X Factor?

Gwen Stefani  thin body no doubt skinny stripes belt