Jack Osbourne  Lisa Stelly  sunglasses baby weight
Jack Osbourne  Lisa Stelly  sunglasses baby weight

We never thought we'd see Jack Osbourne holding a baby burping towel!

The proud new dad exited his family-sized Audi with fiancee Lisa Stelly in Beverly Hills on Thursday afternoon, and this is the first time the couple has been see out and about since the birth of baby Pearl.

Osbourne first debuted his daughter on the cover of the UK's Hello! mag alongside Lisa, and mom Sharon, but the former reality star admitted he wasn't very excited when he first heard the news that his girlfriend was preg.

"I think I responded with, 'That's interesting,' " he told the mag. "What do you say? If we'd been trying for two years, of course you'd be like 'Awesome!' But we met in May and found out in August."

But after the birth, Jack fell instantly in love with his new little bundle of joy, and it sounds like he's settling into family life just fine. The budding director recently Tweeted, "There is no better way to spend a Saturday night, then to be holding my baby playing Xbox. Ahh dis is the life."

How sweet!