Janice Dickinson legs american idol downtown la Once a model, always a model!

Janice Dickinson made an appearance at the American Idol finale show yesterday, and we weren't the least bit shocked to see her showing some serious leg in a super short black skirt with a matching blazer.

Maybe the 57-year-old is trying to stay in the limelight with provocative outfits?! She's past the age of posing for glamourous photo shoots, so the former America's Next Top Model judge better find a new gig... and fast!

Reports surfaced recently that the catwalker had been slapped with an eviction lawsuit after allegedly failing to keep up with rent payments, but the brunette beauty slammed those reports on her live internet TV show, so we don't know what to believe...

It's highly doubtful to us that the world's original supermodel doesn't have the cash to keep a roof over her head!