filming hitchcock costume Jessica Biel vera miles
filming hitchcock costume Jessica Biel vera miles

Jessica Biel really has that 60s look!

The newly engaged actress took a step back in time as she donned a long tight skirt, sexy red blouse and a vintage up-do to play Vera Miles, the actress who played Lila Crane for the upcoming film, Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho, on Saturday afternoon.

But our fave part about Biel's outfit was her $35,000 Row backpack, which she got as a gift from Ashley Olsen, lucky girl!

Justin Timberlake's wife-to-be, who joined Twitter last week, shared: "In love with my new #therow backpack. Thanks, Ashley."

Oscar winner Helen Mirren was also on the LA set alongside Biel, wearing a less-than flattering costume for her role as Alma Rainville, Hitchcock's wife.

Helen Mirren filming hitchcock wig costume