Cedars-Sinai blonde jessica simpson hospital birth singer Eric Johnson

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson welcomed their newborn daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson today and the baby girl has already arrived in the lap of luxury!

We spotted the singer and family in their deluxe suite in Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Hospital, including a sweet gift basket from well wishers! The pricey rooms, which come with either two or three bedrooms, can cost upwards of $3,784 a day! Take a look at the description according to the hospital's website:

    At Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, our new mothers give birth in beautifully decorated private labor-delivery-recovery rooms. Soft colors, recessed lighting and coordinated bedding and drapery provide a sense of "home." Special touches, including comfortable birthing beds, add to the mother's comfort. Some suites also have full-sized tubs for relaxation during labor.

    Once you have delivered your baby, you will be taken to your reserved, private, two- or three-room suite, offering the finest in comfort for you, your baby and your family members. Because the rooms are so large, they provide the perfect overnight accommodations for a family member or friend. These rooms are exceptionally designed with hardwood floors, elegantly coordinated bedding and drapes and recessed lighting. It is the perfect setting to bond with your newborn baby.

Now that's how you bring a life into this world in style! Take a peek at Jessica's swanky suite in our gallery below!