joe-m-1.jpgMen's Health

True Blood hunk Joe Manganiello is featured in the July issue of Men's Health, and the 35-year-old actor shows off his impressive physique and chats about his latest projects, both of which require him to shed his clothes. Hey, no complaints here!

True Blood returns to television on June 10, but if you want to see more of Joe's ripped bod, be sure to check out the male stripper flick, Magic Mike, which hits theaters on June 29.

On his role as Big Dick Richie, Joe tells the mag, "There are guys who are going to divorce their wives after they see what [these women] did as extras in this movie. We were manhandling groups of 200 female extras every day." We're not sure how many straight men will actually go see the new Steven Soderbergh-directed movie, but we know plenty of gals and gay guys who are dying to see Joe, Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey and Alex Pettyfer bare all on the big screen!