Kourtney Kardashian pregnant shopping ralph lauren
Kourtney Kardashian pregnant shopping ralph lauren

Kourtney K is about to burst!

The very pregnant Kardashian sis treated herself to a fun-filled day of shopping in Beverly Hills, and she loaded up on tons of goodies from the Splendid boutique!

The eldest Kardashian sis in currently in the seventh season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and the 33-year-old is seen crying to her mom and manager Kris Jenner, about her extramarital affair.

“I am pregnant and hormonal and with everything else that was going on, there were things from our past that we never fully dealt with. It was affecting my relationship with her and how I was treating her. I decided I wanted to go and talk to my therapist about it. That’s what you’re seeing, when I was talking to my therapist about the situation, so I could talk to my mom about it,” Kourt told The Daily News.

The drama never stops!