ladygagapt2081111_230.jpgAfter already being one of the top social media personalities on the internet with over 24 million Twitter followers, Lady Gaga has her sights set on creating her own social media vehicle.

Dubbed, the site specifically caters to the Mother Monster's fanbase and is currently in the invite-only beta testing stage. It's also the first site launched by Backplane, a tech startup co-founded by Gaga's manager, Troy Carter.

“Backplane is about bringing together communities and Gaga’s community just so happens to be the community we’re using to learn about proper functionality,” CEO and co-founder Matt Michelsen said. “We think we can really change the world.”

Members of Little Monsters can create or share Gaga-related content, interact with fellow “Little Monsters” and publicly show whether they like what other users post on the site that resembles a mashup between Pinterest and Reddit. An official launch date has yet to be announced but should occur this year, with other spin-off sites in tow to capitalize off of Gaga's immense internet following.