sunglasses Lindsay Lohan  heels brown pats scarf brown jacket

Lindsay celebrated her Saturday night meeting with Woody Allen with a little shopping in Soho on Sunday. And it's a good thing! This monochromatic rust look just ain't working!

Lilo's first outfit of the day -- un-hemmed rust-colored jeans, a rust-colored leather jacket and lace-covered platform heels was NOT one of our favorites ...

Quick change to a black and white ensemble later in the afternoon, and Lindsay finally looked like herself again. The ravishing redhead hit up the luxury lingerie store Kiki de Montparnasse for a few hundred dollars' worth of underwear.

Could Lindsay be added some sexy pieces to her collection after last week's hot hookup with her ex, Samantha Ronson? Could these two be on their way to getting back together???

sunglasses Lindsay Lohan  spandex heels Kiki De Montparnasse sweater