Marcia Cross  coffee daughter jeans Marcia Cross is the mother of twins, but daughter Eden got lucky with a little solo mommy time this weekend! We wonder what Savannah and dad Tom Mahoney were up to?

The 50-year-old ravishing redhead has a lot more free time on her hands lately, now that Desperate Housewives has ended. Not that that's a good thing, though! While on a family vacay in Ireland, the actress chatted to Irish TV's The Saturday Night Show about her sadness over the series coming to a close.

"We started the day sad and then forgot [it was the end] in the middle of it, but remembered by the very end. It was midnight and people who weren't even working that day showed up. [Creator] Marc Cherry - who doesn't drink - opened a bottle of champagne and we all just sat around in Lynette's kitchen and talked and talked. None of us wanted to get up because we knew it would be over. It was surreal and sad," she explained.

We bet her girls are glad she's done being Bree!