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Maria Shriver car shots fuschia jacket trench coat
Maria Shriver car shots fuschia jacket trench coat

Are Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger officially headed for reconciliation?

Although the former First Lady of California stepped out to dinner without the Terminator star in Beverly Hills on Sunday night, she flashed a gigantic Kate Middleton-inspired sapphire stone surrounded by diamonds on her wedding ring finger.

While it's been reported that their marriage will likely end in divorce, Arnold has been rumored to be begging Maria to take him back, and the devote Catholic is having a very difficult time going against her strict faith, which frowns upon divorce.

After it was revealed that Arnold had an affair with the family's maid and fathered a secret child out of wedlock, Maria's friends have been strongly advising the Kennedy cousin to file for divorce.

Maybe Maria's new bling is a sign that things could be back on track!