Miley Cyrus shorts studio crowd crazy hannah montana miami boots legs singer disney So that's where she was heading when we caught her jetting out of LAX with her adorable puppy the other day!

Miley Cyrus was greeted by hoards of fans at a Miami recording studio today, and the Hannah Montana star took the chaos in stride and spent a while signing autographs for her loyal followers. Donning super short shorts, a black tube top, and combat boots, the 19-year-old showed off the results of her daily Pilates workouts... look at that bod!

Eating disorder rumors have been swirling ever since the singer debuted a much slimmer frame, but we think everyone needs to relax! Girlfriend has been working her butt off - literally! - adhering to a gluten free diet and a rigorous fitness regime.

Hard work pays off! So lay off, she's just being Miley!