Paris Hilton and DJ Afrojack did not break up because the two were never dating.

The beautiful blonde heiress and the famous DJ are nothing more than friends. Earlier today, online reports claimed Afrojack had broken up with Paris. Hilton’s rep says these reports are "100 percent not accurate and are coming from inaccurate sources."

Afrojack has been working with Queen P on her upcoming album. Can't wait to hear those sexy tracks!

As for their current situation, the rep adds:

    "Paris and Afrojack are best friends and love and support each other very much. Nothing has changed."

A source close to Afrojack and Paris tells X17 exclusively:

    "The two are partying together this summer all around Europe with trips to St. Tropez and Ibiza. Afrojack loves Paris because not only is she hot, but she's the life of the party. He loves her energy."

The source adds, "Paris loves him like a little brother and thinks he's such a sweetheart and so talented."

Glad that’s all cleared up!