Scott Disick aqua blue stripes Calabasas Ferrari
Scott Disick aqua blue stripes Calabasas Ferrari Looks like someone has the baby blues... and no, we're not talking about impending fatherhood, we're talking about the shirt!

We spotted Scott Disick out shopping in Calabasas today, and the preppy reality star papa kept it classic in seersucker shorts, an aqua collared polo, and penny loafers. The New York native had laser focus as he texted away on his iPhone, and we hope he was checking in with his pregnant girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian like a good man!

Although recent tabloid reports claim Mr. Disick's lying will lead the longtime couple to split, clearly Kim Kardashian trusts him enough to let him borrow her pricey ride! The hard partying bad boy whipped around in KK's white Ferrari, even though he has his own metallic version of the sports car.

First Bruce and now Scott... why does everyone want to borrow Kimmy's car?