article-2144474-470.jpg We think we can see a little meatball... finally!

Snooki is already five months along in her pregnancy, but we've yet to see a noticeable bump until now! The pint size reality star gave us a glimpse of her growing baby belly when she posted this pic to her Twitter account.

Even impending motherhood can't stop Snookers from loving leopard print!

The engaged Jersey Shore star has yet to reveal the sex of her baby, but we're hoping it's a little girl so she can learn from mommy how to be the hottest fist-pumping guidette in town!

Ms. Polizzi is currently busy filming her spin-off show with co-star Jenni "JWoww" Farley, which will air on MTV June 21.

Now that The Situation's sober and our favorite pickle eating princess is preggers, who is going to bring all the drama and hot hookups to Seaside?