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Kim Kardashian made an appearance in Toronto today to promote her Belle Noelle jewelry line, and while we figured she would fly out to New York immediately afterwards to see boyfriend Kanye West, it looks like he beat her to it!

X17online can report exclusively that the rapper flew out to meet Kim in Canada, and he even accompanied her to her in-store appearance at The Bay this afternoon! A source at the event tells X17online exclusively that the duo snuck out the back of the department store when she was done with her promotional duties, and this would be the first time that Kanye has actually traveled somewhere to be with the reality TV starlet.

Kim is currently on her way back to Los Angeles, and we're not sure if Kanye is coming with her this time, but given how fast things are moving, we expect him out here very soon! Hey, rapping about marriage is one thing, but actually putting the effort into a relationship is a whole different level of dedication. Maybe these two really are destined to walk down the aisle sometime this year!