EJohnTime050410_01_230.jpg Is there another tiny dancer baby on the way?!

Elton John used to be notorious for his temper, but these days the Grammy winner is nothing but a ball of love thanks to his adorable son Zachary!

The tiny tot, born via surrogate to the "Rocket Man" singer and his partner David Furnish in December 2010, changed his parent's whole world, and now the happy couple wants to add to their brood.

The 65-year-old music legend explained to The Guardian his desire to give his son a sibling, saying, "I think it's difficult to be an only child, and to be an only child of someone famous. I want him to have a sibling so he has someone to be with. I know when he goes to school there's going to be an awful lot of pressure, and I know he's going to have people saying, 'You don't have a mummy.' It's going to happen. We talked about it before we had him. I want someone to be at his side and back him up. We shall see."

We love getting a glimpse of Sir Elton's softer side!