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Lindsay Lohan arrived on the Liz & Dick set today, and after crashing into an 18-wheeler on the PCH last Friday on her way to work, Lilo is keeping a low profile ... and keeping away from the steering wheel.

The 25-year-old starlet was snapped in the passenger seat of an Escalade on Monday, and sources on set tell X17online that she has "really beefed up her security team," adding on a round-the-clock driver and yet another bodyguard. Lilo's new muscle used a decoy car to throw off photographers on the way to work today, and after missing a day of shooting on Friday due to her accident, she arrived at her trailer early this morning and went on set at 12:30.

In another interesting twist, Liz & Dick executive producer Larry A. Thompson told Deadline the other day that Lohan was not supposed to get behind the wheel while going to work on Friday, or any day for that matter. Thompson noted that the production company provided a limousine to drive the actress to and from the set of the movie every day, but apparently she had other ideas. “When they went to pick her up [on Friday], for some reason she decided they [Lohan and her assistant] would get in her own car, so the limousine driver followed them," Thompson said.

Sigh. If only Lilo had followed orders, she might not be facing jail time for lying to authorities!