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jeans t-shirt tea guess my age couple luggage baggy jeans

Jen and Justin are still going strong!

We're not sure which boyfriend's jeans Aniston borrowed for her romantic trip out of town with her man -- Theroux prefers them skintight! -- but the couple were all smiles as they made their way to board a flight to Paris, on Saturday afternoon.

The happy couple of a year were rumored to be headed for splitsville, but, as X17online reported, they pair are closer than eve. And they're working on a short parody film that will spoof the gossip coverage of their lives.

The short film will also cover the rumors of pregnancy and marriage, and according to the website, "Theroux is helping Aniston write and direct the project, and they'll shoot it in July." Not to miss out on some brilliant promotion, Smartwater is set to produce the short flick, and it's set to become part of a new viral ad for the designer water brand.

Bon voyage!