After giving us our first peek at her post-baby body on Tuesday, Jessica Simpson headed back to the gym today to burn away the 60 pounds she gained during her pregnancy.

The singer/actress, who gave birth to daughter Maxwell a month and a half ago, has been visiting a private trainer in West Hollywood almost every day for the past week. Seeing as she's being paid an estimated $4 million to be the new Weight Watchers spokesperson, she's definitely taking this seriously!

When Jess shot her nude Elle magazine cover earlier this year, the 5'3" star revealed that she weighed a whopping 175 pounds, and she's reportedly stated that she'd like to get back down to her Dukes of Hazzard weight, which was somewhere between 100-110 pounds. But will she be able to squeeze into these before the end of the year?

simpson-daisy_dukes_460.jpgWarner Bros.

Hard to believe that photo is from late 2004!